Types Of Aquarium

Aquarium :

               A transparent box holding Water & life in the form of  Aquatic Plants & Aquatic Animals for display  has never failed to excite most. Aquariums starting from somewhere in 50 AD Roman Empire made of marble, with one side glass to the Virtual Aquarium now has come a long way. Whatever the reason for getting an Aquarium, be it for an Hobby, Display, Vastu, Feng Shui, Luck, Status Symbol or to heal Stress & Anxiety, they have always been fun, exciting & addictive to watch in my opinion.

               Aquariums have been part of few culture's as well, it has its importance in Vastu Shastra (Indian system of Science of Architecture), Feng Shui ( Chinese system of governing spatial arrangement & orientation in relation to the flow of positive energy  called Chi). Research in recent times have proved that gazing at the Aquarium Fish helps relieve from stress & anxiety. Most designers recommend Aquariums in Home/Office as display feature which benefits by giving a calm feeling or simply enhances the look of the place.

                 In recent times Aquariums have advanced with additional equipment being introduced to support Aquatic Life more efficiently than ever before. However it is still challenging to most  as it requires a perfect understanding of various elements present in an Aquarium which needs to function effectively enough to keep the balance of an Ecosystem. Most fail at this Hobby due to lack of information or ignorance.

Most Popular Types Of Aquariums based on Size & Shape :

Fish Bowl

 First things first "Small bowls for fish is a Bad Idea!!!". Most get introduced to this hobby of Fish Keeping by getting their first fish bowl along with a Betta or Gold Fish. "Fish bowls are good only if they are 'Big Enough' to accommodate a fish 'Small Enough' with at least a filter, heater, air pump, light & everything that would keep a fish healthy & happy". When it comes to tank size most Aquarist's believe bigger the better. However there are Big Fish Bowls suitable for certain types of fish  & advanced enough to provide all the necessary support to keep the Ecosystem healthy. This kind of Fish Bowl is Usually Expensive for the size & the fish type which can live in these bowls are limited to few. 

 Anything shaped like a cuboid or box shaped & can store water less than 20 Gallon (75 liters) are called Nano tanks. These are best tanks for Beginners, provided the right fish, right number of Fish  & the right Aquatic Plants. It takes a little learning & research to get a nicely balanced Ecosystem in these Tanks. Its a good tank to practice Aqua-scape for Beginners. However, small tanks need more regular water changes compared to bigger tanks. Fish like Betta, Zebra Danios, Guppies, Mollies, Platies, schooling fish like Tetra's & Barbs in the right numbers do well in these tanks. 

Cylindrical Tank

This type of fish tank is a common sight across homes, office & malls these days. It offers a 360 degree view & usually made of Acrylic substance. Cylindrical Aquariums come in number of sizes, right from the one that can be kept on a Desk top table to one which acts like a artificial pillar in a building. Most Cylindrical tanks for home  come with built-in lighting & Filtration system. Since these tanks for home are tall & have less footprint area at the bottom of the tank, territorial bottom dwelling fish have to be avoided in them.

Semi-Cylindrical Tank

This tank offers a 180 degree view & is usually made of Acrylic. It mostly comes with built-in Lighting & Filtration system, due to this it has replaced most Fish Bowls on Desk Top Tables. Since these tanks are taller & have less Foot print area at the bottom, Territorial Bottom dweller Fish have to be avoided in these tanks. Betta fish with some low maintenance Aquatic plants would look great in these tanks. 

Hexagon Fish Tank

Like the name suggests an Aquarium with 6 sides is a Hexagon Fish Tank. They look good due to the shape & offer interesting viewing angles. These tanks are usually tall & an alternate for the regular Rectangle Shaped Fish Tanks as they consume more space compared to Hexagon Fish Tank. Chinese Feng Shui suggests its alright to have a Hexagon shaped fish tank. However there are few concerns with the shape of the tank. The surface area is less compared to the Rectangle shaped Aquariums making the exchange of air & the circulation of water within the Aquarium more difficult. A Good set of Equipment supporting this kind of Aquarium might fix this issue, however due to the shape of the tank only selected Aquatic life can be accommodated in it.  

Rectangular Shaped Tank

These tanks are the most common Aquariums in the hobby. The right sized Rectangular Shaped Tank has good foot print area & surface area making it ideal for most Fancy Fish & also its the most common aquarium shape found in homes. The surface area is good making the exchange of air & the circulation of water within the Aquarium more efficient, making it an obvious choice in Aquascaping  & Planted Aquariums. 

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